In-Person Clarinet Lessons


music teacher vancouverWould you like to start learning how to play the clarinet in an efficient and solid way? Are you planning to audition to universities as a clarinet performance major? Would you like to give a second try to that clarinet you abandoned after your high school years? Or simply, do you enjoy the process of learning a new skill? I can help you with whatever your objectives are, using a planned clarinet method and offering my experience and knowledge acquired through years of teaching and performing the clarinet.

Anybody interested on learning how to play the clarinet and/or improve their general musical knowledge. Since total beginners picking up the instrument for the first time and learning the names of the notes, to students willing to success in their auditions at university level. 

I have taught people of all ages and backgrounds, so feel free to contact me if you are interested. In-person lessons are recommended for those living in the Vancouver area. If you don’t live around Vancouver, check the section Online Lessons

Generally, it’s said that the best frequency for optimal results when learning a musical instrument is to take a lesson on a weekly basis. I agree with this, but I adapt to each student’s situation. The most important aspect about planning lessons on a long term is to be disciplined and constant, so the more you practice the clarinet, the better results you will get generally.

In my studio, Dunbar Area, Vancouver BC (check map below), at UBC, or at your own place. There might be a transit fee depending how long it takes to commute, in case you prefer to have the lessons at your own place.

carlosclarinet online clarinetistUsually my students take lessons for 1h or 1,5h, depending of their current level. These lessons are generally divided in:

-Warm up




-Excerpts or duets

This structure can be modified depending of the situation (first weeks of lessons, preparation for a competition or audition, specific needs of the student at a given moment, etc).

Yes, feel free to ask for a free 45 minutes trial lesson when you contact me.

Rates for regularly scheduled lessons:

-1,5 hour lesson: $75

-1 hour lesson: $60

-45 minute lesson: $50

-30 minute lesson: $40

Rates may vary for non-recurring lessons. Prices are negotiable, I am flexible and understanding of each personal situation. Cash or e-transfer accepted. The payment can be arranged in packs of lessons or on a weekly basis, with a payment prior to the lesson. Please check the Policies and Procedures for more information.