Policies and Procedures

Carlos Savall-Guardiola Clarinet Vancouver


Notice of cancellation must be given by the night prior to the lesson at the latest; neither one of us wants to show up prepared for a lesson and find no-one there!

If for any reason we need to cancel a clarinet lesson, it’s preferably to have a «make-up» lesson rather than skip a week.

Recommended Practice/Lesson Habits

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Practice Journal

After each lesson, write down everything you remember, so you know what to focus on during your practice

Stable Practice Schedule

Having a pre-arranged time to practice is always more productive, which will lead to better results

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Enjoyable Practice Environment

If you feel comfortable at your practicing space, you will look forward to your next practicing time

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Let your clarinet teacher know what things you would like to play or what you think could work better during the lessons, we appreciate your feedback 🙂

Returning phone calls and emails

It is appreciated that we have a fast an accesible way of contacting each other. My preferred method is through email, but I can be reached through phone call, text messages or WhatsApp. Please return my phone calls, text messages or emails as soon as possible.


Daily practice is highly recommended. The amount of time practiced is directly proportional to the results. However, we need to practice smartly, and for this I suggest to plan beforehand what we are going to focus on each time that we pick up the instrument. I like to split the practice sessions (supposing that are 1h total) in:

1. Warm-up: breathing exercises and long tones (10 min)
2. Scales and articulation exercises (10 min)
3. Etudes (10 min)
4. Piece or excerpts (25 min)
5. Duos, sight reading, etc. (5 min)

Preparedness / Equipment

In order to optimize our limited lesson time, I recommend you to have all the materials needed prepared to go once we start.  This materials include: the instrument, including reeds, your music, a pencil, tuner and metronome, and your Practice Journal.